Colorful Fruit Juice Cart Retail Street Drinks Trolley

There are a lot of retailers sell many different snacks by the carts along the street. The carts are simple portable convenient and practical. If you would like to start a small street business especially fruit juices, bubble teas or coffee these drinks, you can start it by some simple devices. We can offer new ideas if you want a unique design. Let’s learn about fruit juice cart design together.

Fruit juice cart description

The fruit juice cart style is very fresh and wonderful and bring offer a feeling of summer breath. We adopt the color orange and green from the brand logo for the whole cart design. These two colors are spacing between each other which is very orderly. The top is arch shape and the creative and cute logo is at the canopy of the cart. What’ s more, there is one menu sign which is hanged by the iron chains at the canopy right side. It is convenient for people to order their favorite juices. The pillars are stainless steel which support the canopy stably and it is fixed in the countertop.

fruit juice cart

Besides, there is one white wheel wooden decoration at the cart body left side. It enhances the people’s impression of the juice cart. There is one wonderful brand sign is near the wheel decoration. Different brand signs can show the brand feature diversification. And the cart bottom has 4 universal wheels which can be moved by you flexibly. In addition, the metal U shape handle is at the cart left end. You can push the cart to different places to sell fruit juices.

juice drinks cart

The countertop is normally for you to put the machines and make juices. We also make the glass baffle around the countertop which avoid something fall down. And it is easy for you to clean the areas. The countertop is man-made stone, so it can block seeping water and you use durably. Besides, the cart also sets the drawer with cabinet for safe storage at one side, and another side is the cabinet without doors. You can put some daily use tools and put it easily. It can improve your daily working efficiency.

snack cart


The whole cart design is so reasonable with a great layout for your machines and storage. We can make perfect design to meet your ideas and brand concept style. The production is according to the 3D design. Design fee is 300 US dollars. It includes 3D effects, modification and construction drawing. What’s more, you can have the design from us about 2-4 working days, which is very fast.

retail juice cart

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