Colorful Outdoor Food Stall Unique Drinks Bar Snack Kiosk

Some people are very good at making the fast foods especially the chef. This is the skill to make the foods business. But most of them have no cost to open the restaurant. Don’t worry, we can make your dream come true. We can customize the outdoor kiosks or bars for you. They will be your small shop to run food business. Please follow us to learn about the outdoor foot stall.

Outdoor food stall description

This one food stall can sell desserts, hot dogs, drinks and fast foods and so on. Its style is very new, creative and unique. The first visual feeling of people is colorful. It is because we make many lights decoration for the whole outdoor food stall. And it has the bar atmosphere, which is very suitable for the night relaxation of people.

Look at the kiosk frontage first, its top shows the booth luminous logo. And beside the logo, there are cute and colorful patterns and words to show the dessert and hot dog. And people can know what you sell. And the blue and yellow lighting decorates the surface. We can see it seriously, there are many cute fast foods patterns on the kiosk. One sales window is in the middle and its two sides all have decorations. Left side shows slogan and right side shows menu and slogan. They are so interesting. And people can catch and your information directly from your booth. In this way, they will be attracted easily.

outdoor food stall

The food kiosk left side has a big poster. And the blue LED light strip is around the poster. This part decoration also can be the light box. From this view, we can see the top has several colorful spotlights which shine towards to the sky. And different foods pattern and words signs are around the outdoor food stall top.

outdoor food kiosk

Look at the food concession stand back side, there are so many different fast foods patterns. And lighted sign is at back one corner. And its too has another one slogan to lead the consumers. The door is at the food stand right side, and one poster decorates the door. The whole outdoor food booth can express so many information with elements. People will be amazed.

street food stall


From the sales window, we can see the inside wall has the white tile decoration. The wall still hangs two layers display shelves for the owner to put stuffs. And many spotlights are at the ceiling. What’s more, the cashier register and dessert display freezer are on the front counter. And at the back counter, there are refrigerator and some coffee machines, water sinks etc.. Every counter has the storage cabinet or shelves. It is very convenient for you to take good use.

Dining area

Around the food stall, there are several dining tables with chairs for customers. People can have your fast foods at your booth comfortably and happily. It is because your booth can offer people a nice and relaxing bar atmosphere. It is very good for them to enjoy their free time especially at night. In addition, if other people can your booth is so popular by consumers, they would like to try your meal well. Then you can have many customers at the street.


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