Colorful Outdoor Ice Cream Stand Street Food Stall

Congratulate that you find us! We are a custom factory which customize and produce kiosk for many countries with over 10 years already. You must be looking for one outdoor ice cream stand, because we are so lucky to meet you here. Next, let’s take a look at creative one kiosk together.

Outdoor ice cream stand description

Here is a very colorful ice cream booth, because it has so many decorations on the ice cream kiosk.First, there is the booth logo on the top 4 sides. Then people who are around your booth, they can see. The different food picture models are on the kiosk 4 sides. They are ice cream, bubble teas, cake and other foods. When people look at the models, their months will be very greedy and want to buy something from your kiosk. And the outdoor ice cream kiosk other sides also have some interesting patterns with information. It can attract people to see and learn about your food. The front side is the sales area. People can see your inside layout and health situation. Besides, the main sign is at the front counter middle, it is so easy for people to think about your booth.

outdoor ice cream stand

The door is at the outdoor street ice cream kiosk right side. And its two sides are also with the foods stickers and different from another side. It is so creative and let people have a deep impression of your booth and fast food.The whole food kiosk design revolves around the idea of the brand. If you have many creative ideas and requirements on the kiosk, our professional design team will do it for you. In this way, you can get a satisfied and perfect kiosk to enhance your brand.

outdoor ice cream stand


The outdoor ice cream stand combines from 3 colors,which is pink, white and blue. The color is also a basic option on the design. So you can confirm the colors you want to show on the ice cream stand.

More details

Size can be customized.

Material: Metal, plywood, aluminum composite panel, man-made stone

Design step

  1. Talk with us about the customization details.
  2. Pay for 300USD design fee.
  3. Offer initial design on 2-4 working days
  4. Amend design by us and confirm design by you.
  5. Offer technology drawing to you


Production time is about 30-35 working days for an outdoor kiosk. And we will offer production picture and videos to you during the production.

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