Colorful Outdoor Snack Concession Stand Retail Street Food Kiosk

More and more retailers like to do the business at outdoor street. It is because the people flow is very big and the outdoor renting fee is less than in the mall. They have more bigger market and business time is free for them. A good snack business can’t be without a great stall design. Next, I will share you one outdoor snack concession stand.

Outdoor snack concession stand concept

This one snack stand design revolves around the brand concepts. The brand concept is 4 seasons. Then the owner wants to use 4 different colors to express different seasons. The color is so beautiful, and they are yellow, purple, orange and pink. Different people have favorite colors in their mind. What colors you want for the outdoor kiosk is okay. Besides, the structure design is unique and complete. If you want a unique shape, we all can customize.

outdoor snack concession stand

Structure description

The outdoor snack concession stand builds with 4 parts. And two parts in the middle is sloping, which is different from two sides. It can show the layering feelings well. and it has a big visual impact. Every part has the window and you can open when work. The kiosk can display different kinds of snacks on 4 sales windows. It can show the kiosk brand concept well. Inside the snack kiosk, it installs with spotlights and has many storage cabinets for putting snacks. The snack stand right side is a door for entrance and exit.

Retail snack stand

Another side of the snack stall shows different sizes of the light boxes. And the lights boxes can show your products posters or some beautiful pictures. Besides, we can see the structure layering feeling from this perspective better. It is so unique and novel. If you want to show your logo on the kiosk, we can do it.

outdoor kiosk


The outdoor kiosk main material is plywood and aluminum composite panel. The materials are water-proof when it rains or snows. If you have some requirement of the materials, we can offer.

How to proceed

  1. Talk needs for the design
  2. Make 3D design
  3. Make a deal
  4. Production
  5. Shipping

Please contact us to learn about more details.

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