Colorful Outdoor Snack Stall Retail Street Fast Food Kiosk

Are you looking for one snack stall? You need to have a position for your business. Normally, the outdoor snack stall can help you save high rent and it is multi-functional for you sell many snacks. Besides, you can choose many outdoor busy places. The snack stall can’t be common and causal, because it can help you attract people. So today here is one snack stall for you to learn about.

Outdoor snack stall description

The food snack stall have several wonderful design points. First, it uses colors matching very well. The outdoor snack stall surface has yellow, green and red, which is very charming and eye-catching. Bright colors can let people remember easily always. What’s more, the top part is the light box as the signage and show the snack booth brand. The big light boxes are also fantastic and catch people’ eyes too. What’s more, the shelters can keep out of the sunshine, rain, snow for the kiosk. And you can have a cool environment. When people waiting for the food under the shelter, they can feel comfortable too.

snack stall

The big logo is also on the stall counter. Its two sides has the dining table. So you can put the chairs near the tables, then people can enjoy your food. Other people see there are consumers at your booth, they must think your snack is delicious and want to buy your food too. Normally, consumers can attract more consumers. What is more, 3 open sides have the roller shutter doors. The shutter doors can keep the snack stall safe at night or when you don’t work.

snack stall 2

The back side has the main door for the owner to come. Besides, it has the air vents of the air conditioner or other machines. The back side is simple here but it can also have some decorations if you want, such as poster, logo etc.

food stall 3

Snack stall internal layout

The snack stall interior has a good layout design. It has the working counters for you to put some equipment, such as cooking utensil, cashier register. Besides, it leaves a suitable size for the big refrigerator. The counters have the storage drawers and cabinets. You can put the stuffs casually. In addition, the floor is also beautiful. It can be wooden or tile etc.. The lamps or spotlights are at the nice ceiling. The stall wall hangs many lights boxes too, which shows menu and food beautiful pictures. A whole snack kiosk is like a shop you have, because it equips so complete and useful things.

snack stall layout

More information

Size: 8*7ft

Basic material: Plywood and metal for frame, made-made stone countertop

Surface treatment: Aluminum composite panel, laminate

Accessories: Light boxes, floor, lamp

Installation: You don’t need to install it by yourself, because we will produce a whole one.

Out of website from here.

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