Colorful Park Food Stall Custom Street Snack Kiosk Design

The park is a good relaxation and amusement place for people. People can have a relaxing walking, have panic with family or friends, or parents take children to have fun in the park. Most people like to enjoy the weekend time or free time in the park. And the more people are and more needs they have. Thus, some people have their retail business to offer foods and other daily products by kiosks. Please follow me to learn about park food stall.

Park food stall structure

The sales window is sliding door type, which is very solid and durable. And one sunshade with red and white is at the eave. In this way, the sunshine can’t shine you and let you feel dazzling when working. Consumers also have a shade place when they are waiting for the order. You can feel comfortable and cool because of the sunshade. And one cute logo is at the roof and under the window, which are different display type. The top sign is luminous in red frame and bottom one is at one arrows decoration. What’s more, there is one lighting frame around the signage. So delicate design here is. Look at kiosk left side, the door with durable locks and handle and its color is white. The door beside has some red arrowss on yellow board as decoration.

park food stall

And from this view, there are 4 red L shape strip decorations covering the kiosk top and its right side. This is one part design of the structure which looks so different and creative. In addition, there is also one frame with blue arrows decoration at the park food stand right. One consumer dining bar is in the middle area and they can enjoy meal here when you place the chairs. Under the small table, there are still some arrows decoration.

Park food kiosk

Further more, the back side of the fast food stall have good designs too. The dining table extends to the back side and form the L shape too. One air condition equipment is at the left top corner. And the beautiful frame is around the booth logo. The rest area part decoration is the black board. And the owner can draw many foods pattern, cute pattern with some promotion information. So there decoration of the park food stall is so colorful.

snack kiosk


Here we can see one beautiful park food kiosk because of its bright colors. It adopts 3 colors elements, which is yellow, white and red. A good color application makes the whole booth so eye-catching when people see it. Beautiful colors also can make people have a good mood. Of course any kind color you like can be used for the kiosk.


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