Colorful Street Bakery Stall Outdoor Bread Cakes Kiosk

The breads and cakes are popular sweet desserts for people. If you have one small bakery booth, you can have good business well. But how to start the small booth? First, you can find locations at outdoor. Second, you need to have one street bakery stall. We can offer you many styles of the booths for you. It is because we can make customization.

Street bakery stall description

Here the one bakery stall is so colorful and special, which is suitable for putting outdoor but under the cover. The booth combines so many kinds colors and it has a little feeling of gradual change. And the colors on the whole stall external and internal parts are very beautiful. The sales window is special L shape with white frame. It can show the tall refrigerator at right side, and the foods in display showcase on the counters. We can make the shutters for the windows. By the way, you can also put some snacks in the kiosk to sell. You can make bakery in the food kiosk with the machines. There are the durable working counters with cabinets. Besides, the inside part also has the shining works.

Street bakery stall

We make the door on the bakery snack stall left side. The door has the day lighting window with 9 lattices at night. Besides, the bakery stall structure is the shipping containers part. And its surface has some solid line with these colors which is very textured. In addition, the stall bottom has the holes. When you want to move the kiosk, you can use the forklift to fork the holes.

food trailer


Besides, the street bakery stall top sets the logo. The top 4 sides can show clear booth name. The sign edges are black and the middle part is white. Your logo color can be red or other colors you want. As long as it is eye catching, people can see it on the food concession stand easily. Besides, the sign also can be luminous if you like. The lighted logo plays the role on attracting consumers at night.

food trailer


  1. Communicate with us about your needs.
  2. Start 3D design progress
  3. Make a deal
  4. Arrange production
  5. Packing and shipping

More questions please contact us in time to learn about. We will do a favor for you at any time.

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