Colorful Street Donut Stall Outdoor Creative Fast Food Kiosk

At present, the street food stalls are very popular for the retailers. We usually can see them at the delicious food street or busy street. Every attractive food stall fulls with people. If you want to sell the fast food, the design of the stall is necessary. People always like something different. Today, we share you one street donut stall.

Street donut stall description

The 3*2m donut stall is so colorful and creative. Its color combination is pink, purple and wooden color, which match each other well. First, its two ends are the same type. The wooden stripe decoration is in the middle of the pink frame. Then a big poster at kiosk two ends to show different delicious donuts and some promotion information. They can catch people’s attentions mostly. People can also get the first impression and information of the stall. Besides, there are the display shelves at front side of these two ends. When people come to the booth, they can see the donut model decorations on display shelves. This kind decoration is unique and fit the stall concept very much.

street donut stall

The middle sales window part is purple. The most attractive point here is the logo at the top center. The logo is colorful and cute. It can improve your brand and let more people know your this food kiosk. The logo can be made into any types, such as 3D acrylic, stainless steel. In additional, the slogan is at the kiosk bottom. The slogan can express your street donut stall culture or concepts to improve people’s good feeling. The logo and slogan all are luminous, which is more charming especially at night. The retailers like lighted items for the food booth very much, because they can attract passers-by.

street donut stall 1

The white door is at the street donut stall back side. You can open the door at any time for ventilation when you work. If you are not at work, you can close it to keep the food kiosk safe.

Layout of donut stall

Inside the stall, there are the counters for your working areas and machines. You can put the menus and cashier register on the front counter. Then people can order the donuts conveniently. The internal wall, ceiling and floor are decorated very well, which is like a beautiful fast food shop. The lamps are also at the ceiling to offer enough lights.


The materials we use for the outdoor food stall is water-proof. It can withstand the storm. The basic material of the kiosk is plywood and surface is aluminum composite panel. There is roller shutter door for the sales window.

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