Colorful Street Retail Stall Small Outdoor Retail Kiosk

At the busy street or some travel scenery places, the street retail stall is very useful for you to sell some snacks or daily use products, decoration accessories etc.. If you don’t have cost on big booth, even a small stall can bring you big profits. As long as your kiosk is beautiful and attractive, and you put it at the busy places, then you can have many customers. But how to have a street kiosk?

Street retail stall description

Look at this one retail stall, its shape is inverted trapezoid. And its feature is to use several colors to make the stall colorful. This is the most attractive point of it. And people can be shocked by the these colors. It has yellow, blue, red, orange, and the color application is so nice for the street retail stall. But no matter how many colors you want to use, all we can make it with a good combination for you.

street retail stall


The roof of the retail kiosk is curved round. And we can see there are two half-round yellow shape decoration are at the roof, which looks very cute and like the ears. And the retail booth has 4 sales windows with roller shutter doors. This is closed situation with a good sealing property. And sales windows have relevant small red board. You can display the products in the stall. What’s more, the bottom of the kiosk has 4 universal wheels. And the wheels can bear the big loading capacity. And it is convenient for you to move it to other places sometimes.

street retail stall 2



The street retail kiosk main material is metal. And the workmanship of it is the metal baking paint. It’s water-proof and fire-proof, which is very durable for many years. You can use it around the year no matter when it is raining or shine. The booth is environmental friendly to meet the city standard. And we support customization service on size, shape, color and layout, material etc..

Street retail kiosk

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