Cool Customized BBQ Trailer High-end Retail Fast Food Van

Summer is coming, many food stalls are very hot business. Why is barbecue so popular when people can smell it even from a distance? It is because that the barbecue tastes are very delicious, and it is cheap for people. Besides, people can eat the BBQ at any time and any place, which is very free for them. A popular food street can’t have no BBQ. Nowadays, fast food trailer is a great retail business tool. You can have one retail customized BBQ trailer.

Retail food trailer

Customized BBQ trailer description

Here is one stainless steel BBQ trailer and all surface is mirror type. It is so cool and eye-catching. It can reflect relevant things when it parks on ground. If you stand in front of the barbecue trailer, you can see yourself on the cart. When it shows surrounding scenery, it is like a beautiful draw on the truck body. Its shape is oval and looks very technological. At this side, it is selling area wit a big window. And under the window, it has small glass area to show something. Here the wheels on the customized BBQ trailer is single axle. If the cart body is big, double axles wheels are recommended.

Customized BBQ trailer

This is the front head of the customized BBQ trailer. We can find its angle structure is very amazing with a good radian. The food trailer has some lines decoration which looks more creative. And there are some lamps on the truck body as ornaments too. At the front head, it has the window and the tow bar with brake system can hold the air conditioner equipment. It can also bear more heavy things. You can use the tow bar to connect your car safely.

food truck

On the opposite of the sales window, it has two surveillance cameras. It can help you record many moments. The most important role is for keeping the trailer safe. And at the back side, the device is the door and turning lights. It is common and useful structure.

food van


The inside layout is very complete and wonderful. Here are the counters with relevant storage shelves to put the food materials and some tableware. Its left side has the kitchen equipment. You can use the machines to make the BBQ. And we make the relevant sink system in the stainless steel counters. You can choose 2 or 3 pools. Besides, we also offer relevant water tanks, which is convenient for using when you move to different places. In addition, we also offer electric devices inside the barbecue truck and external power supply.



2D or 3D design

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