Creative Beach Snack Kiosk Outdoor Retail Food Booth

In summer, the beach is a good places for people to enjoy their relaxed holidays. They can spend good time to have a sunbathing or exciting surfing. There are many people at the beach to have fun, it is benefit for you to put the kiosk here to sell food, or some beach products. A good place with many people can create more business opportunities. Here let’s learn about one beach snack kiosk.

Beach snack kiosk structure

The kiosk at beach is to sell snacks and fresh fruit juices. The shape of is is very creative and beautiful. The whole structure is like a house and let people feel warm and feel at home but with so beautiful scenery. The occasion of beach kiosk in the scenery is very like the fairy tale world. Its roof is like normal house triangle shaped roof. The middle part is like the window of the house, especially with two blackboards. At kiosk right side, it has two small cabinet for showing decorations. But based on the concept, they are like mail boxes. And the house door is at kiosk left side.

beach snack kiosk

Sales area

Two blackboards shows window opened state, which is so vivid. You can write your menu or some creative and cute information on the blackboards, then people can learn about your kiosk concepts and food. Here is a dining table bar for people to enjoy the food and have a rest with a happy time. And the beach kiosk is on white floor, which offers a clean area when people sit on the chairs. You can also put a decoration on the bar to increase atmosphere. A cover is at window top to provide people a shaded and cool area and sometimes, people can hide the rain here. In addition, a big snack booth white logo is at the top middle. People can remember it and tell their friends at the place they are. Then people will find the kiosk easily. The logo can enhance the brand and attract more customers.

beach snack kiosk 1

Internal layout

The beach snack kiosk inside has the working counters for the owner to put machines and make the food. Besides, the inside wall has display shelves. The shelves not only can show the snacks but also can help visitors to store their luggage. This additional service can help you earn more money.

beach snack kiosk 2


The snack kiosk color adopts light blue and white tow colors. They go well with the sky and sea colors. It is so bright fresh and catch visitors’ eyes. It also matches the beach theme and style. Of course, the color can be any suitable types, you can choose the colors you like to create your own theme.

More information

Size: 3*2m

Material: solid wood & plywood is available.

Design: 2-4 working days

Production: 30-35 working days

Out of website from here.

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