Creative Drive Thru Coffee Stall Customized Outdoor Coffee Booth

Drive thru coffee stall is so convenient in life because they offer quick and easy access to coffee without having to leave your car. They are perfect for those who are on-the-go or in a hurry. As they provide a fast and efficient way to get your caffeine fix. Additionally, they allow for social distancing during the pandemic, making them a safer option for coffee lovers.

Drive thru coffee stall description

The drive thru coffee stall is an epitome of creativity and high quality. It is impossible to miss this green coffee stall which stands out from the rest of the street. The stall is compact yet striking. It has a unique design with a big logo structure on the roof, which is easily visible to drivers. The logo structure is well-lit, making it easy for drivers to see and buy coffees here.

The beautiful booth design is with a black wooden strip decoration on the top part. And which is with several big white logos and brand models decorations. The highlight of the stall is the classic light box on the top right side of the street food booth. Other sides of the booth also have brand sign models that are eye-catching to drivers.

drive thru coffee stall

The booth has four sides with windows, giving it an open and inviting look. The facade has small windows that people can use to take food. While the door is located between two windows on the right side of the booth. The bottom part of the booth is decorated with tiles, giving it a neat and clean look.

The white walls of the outdoor drinks stand are glossy and give it a modern feel. The ceiling and floor have decorations that add to the overall ambiance of the booth. The working counters around the kiosk hold machines that are used to make high-quality coffee. The booth is convenient for consumers and takes profits to the retailer.

The drive-thru coffee stall offers 3D design and productions to its customers. Customers can provide their requirements, and the stall will customize the design accordingly. The design time required for this is 2-4 working days, and the design fee is 300 USD. And it is a reasonable price considering the high-quality service offered.


Overall, the drive-thru coffee stall is an excellent example of creative and high-quality design. Its striking appearance and high-quality service make it a favorite among customers. The food stall‘s attention to detail, from its unique logo structure to its well-lit light box, ensures that it stands out from the rest.

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