Creative Outdoor Hamburger Kiosk Retail Fast Food Stall

Hamburger is one delicious and easy fast foods to solve people’s hunger. Even people are not hungry, they also want to eat hamburger sometimes. The hamburger can be with different meats. People can choose their tastes. Most street food booths are popular. Do you want to business at outdoor? Today, I share you one outdoor hamburger kiosk. You can sell chips, french fries, drinks together in one burger booth.

Outdoor hamburger kiosk description

The hamburger kiosk is one outdoor booth type. And its structure is very creative. Two sides of it have the big wooden rectangle frame with round curved corners. It holds the black part structure. 3 sides of the outdoor hamburger kiosk middle all has the glass service windows. And at the front side, the hamburger kiosk leaves the dining table for the consumers. Several stools are placed in front of the table. What’s more, the counter exterior designs the refrigerator for cold drinks.

Outdoor hamburger kiosk

When you work in the fast food kiosk, you can open the windows. And the windows doors can become the sunshades of the burger kiosk. The sunshades are very useful part to bring shades from strong sunshine for the consumers and kiosk. Then your inside machines, foods are not easy to face the sunshine and rains. When you work, you also won’t feel dazzling sunlight and hot. In the burger kiosk, there are many counters for you to make fast foods with machines.

outdoor food kiosk


The snack stall roof sets 4 big logos. They are 3D acrylic logos. And for big signs, people can notice your brand very easily. In this way, they can have a impression of your burger kiosk location and your business. If you run the business well, you can set more branches with the signage to create the brand. The logo is like people’s name. And people can call it and remember it.

food stall

Outdoor booth materials

For this one outdoor burger booth, we use plywood, metal to make the the basic structure. And the kiosk also has the high quality tempered glasses materials. About the countertop, we will use man-made stone or quartz stone. The stone countertop can make the counter more durable. All materials are weather-proof, then you can use for many years.


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