Creative Outdoor Ice Cream Stall Street Popsicle Booth For Sale

In the summer, ice cream is a cool and sweet snack for people. All people love to eat it in a hot day. The ice cream can let people feel sweet and have a good mood. Especially the girls love it very much. The outdoor ice cream stall can attract many passersby. Are you looking for one kiosk to support the business? You are so lucky to find it here.

Outdoor ice cream stall decoration

The ice cream stall style is very cute and creative at outdoor place. It has many cute and attractive elements. The most attractive design here is the kiosk top, which mainly shows the signage. The logo is in a beautiful and art typeface. The 3D non-luminous type logo is white in a pink roof backboard middle. Its besides have two slant cute cartoon ice cream models. The ice cream model color is blue and rice white. The whole colors match each other, which looks fantastic and highlight the signage.The stall signage is like the shop door hear to offer people a deep impressions. Secondly, the whole stall color is charming too. The main part is bluish-green and the roof is pink. The outdoor ice cream stall counters and wall decoration all adopts design of bluish-green and pink intervals. The food kiosk has a good color combination to make difference from others.

outdoor ice cream stall

Besides, the back part of the ice cream booth is also a very vital design point. The whole back area fulls with a cute cartoon poster. The poster is water-proof. And the big logo and the ice cream model are on the poster. It is a great character of the kiosk and enhance your brand. People can see your kiosk from far away. Besides, it can also attract people to take photos and help you make publicity to their friends and family.

outdoor ice cream stall back side

The lighting also has a important influence on the kiosk. In order to catch more people’s attention, we add the bluish-green neno lights to ice cream kiosk frame. Besides, several light boxes are at kiosk 3 sides to show people product pictures and menu. No matter day and night, the light boxes also are charming. The lighting increase warm and special atmosphere for the kiosk.

Outdoor ice cream stall lights

Food booth layout

3 sides of the ice cream kiosk has the roller shutter doors. It is easy for you to operate it. When it is pulled up, it does not obstruct the view of all area. When you close it, it can keep your stuff very safely. The doors are very strong and durable, not easy to be broken by others.

outdoor ice cream stall door

Two sides have the space for the working counters and equipment. You can put ice cream freezer at front side to attract people too. Then they can see the delicious ice cream and choose the tastes. Cashier register, sink and other machines can be on the counter reasonably. Inside the kiosk, there are many spotlights on the ceiling offering you enough lights to prepare the foods.

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