Creative Outdoor Pets Products Kiosk Retail 20Ft Container Stall

Nowadays, more and more people like to feed the pets in life. Some people who don’t like having their kids and they like to regard the pets as their babies. Almost every business about the pets is very popular and profitable. If you want to open a pets products shop but suffer in a big shop cost, the outdoor pets product kiosk is your best choice. It not only can be with a creative design but also reduce your rent cost.

Outdoor pets product kiosk description

Here one pets products kiosk is made of the 20ft shipping container. It is very durable because its material is metal. The pets product kiosk is with red paint and looks very eye-catching. The facade has a colorful design and it is very meaningful. The door head backboard is white and the cute logo of the brand is at the middle. And the logo can let people remember your booth and brand. The middle area is the glass door to welcome people into the shop. The pets product brands are showed at the door two sides, which can convince people. And the surface has the dog and cat model, which looks very warm. Besides, the animal feet sign is at the top right corner. Another side has the black advertisement board to show the information and call people love pets and peace.

outdoor pets product kiosk

The other sides of the outdoor pets products kiosk has the pets feet patterns decorations. It fits the pets features very well and show the business concepts and theme. People will like such kind decoration about pets features. If you want more colorful decoration, we can make it on the kiosk.

outdoor pets product kiosk 2


The inside layout has a very delicate decoration with display shelves. Look at this right side, there are 3 layers display shelf to display different pets foods. And the shelf top has the red and withe roof decoration, which shows different foods pictures too. Besides, there are several display racks against the wall and a big poster which shows a cute cat. The posters can let people feel happy when they see.

Layout 1

The middle area is the reception area. It has a creative red image wall with cute pets feet shape shelves. And some brands sign are also at the wall top. You can put some decorations on the image wall. The reception desk is wooden type and it is with the retail booth logo too. Another wall area shows many cute pets pictures and display different pets toys. The internal design is really very beautiful and high-end. Such delicate retail stall can help you attract many people who love pets.

Layout 2

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