Creative Street Coffee Stall Attractive Outdoor Coffee Bar

Street coffee stall is a profitable way to earn a living because they require low startup costs and overhead expenses. They can be set up in high-traffic areas, attracting a large customer base. Additionally, the low cost of ingredients and supplies means high profit margins. As people are often in a hurry, street coffee stalls provide quick and easy access to a warm beverage, making them popular among customers.

Street coffee stall description

The street coffee stall is a modern and creative design that fits perfectly with the coffee theme. The first feature that catches the eye is the facade logo. The white letters and big round logo image model at the triangle shape model make it an attractive point. The other top sides also have logos, making it overall eye-catching.

As we move further, we see the sales windows, which have glass windows with sliding doors. This design is good for locking and providing security to the stall. The coffee snack kiosk window bottom part is also a creative design, with solid wood strip decoration and triangle supporting feet. There are LED light strips around the kiosk, making it shine and easy to attract people.

street coffee stall

The interior wall of the street coffee stand is warm and welcoming, with good painting decoration. And it complements the overall theme of the stall. The blackboard menu on the wall is a unique addition to the stall. Besides, many working counters are present inside the stall, with machines placed on counters. There are also other spaces for sitting and enjoying coffee and snacks. In addition, the cashier register is at the front counter, making it easy for people to pay.

The space inside the coffee stall is very big, making it comfortable for people to move around and sit. The warm lamp atmosphere inside the stall adds to the overall experience. The PVC floor decoration is delicate and adds to the overall theme of the stall.

The best part about this coffee food booth is that it can be customized according to the styles you like. They offer professional help and services, making the production of the stall high quality and reliable.


Overall, the street coffee stall is a unique and modern design that is perfect for coffee lovers. The creative design, new idea, and attractive facade logo make it an eye-catching point for people passing by. The interior of the stall is warm and welcoming, with enough space for people to sit and enjoy their coffee and snacks. The stall is also customizable, making it perfect for anyone who wants to start a coffee business.

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