Creative Street Coffee Stall Delicate Outdoor Coffee Bar

Delicate street coffee stall is helpful for business as they are portable, cost-effective, and allow for flexibility in terms of location. They also provide a unique and personalized experience for customers, creating a loyal following. With low overhead costs and high demand for coffee, a delicate street coffee stall can be a profitable venture for entrepreneurs.

Street coffee stall description

The street coffee stall is a sight to see with its good design and eye-catching look. And the stall is designed with a red and white color tone that instantly attracts the attention of passersby. In addition, the white trapezoidal roof adds a modern touch to the stall and makes it look unique. Besides, the eaves have spotlights that illuminate the stall at night and make it stand out even more.

At the roof’s middle, there is a luminous red logo on a white board that shows the brand to people. And the stall has a big sales window with a red and white canopy that makes the snack stall look more appealing. The window front side has one big white bar counter that offers a comfortable seating area for customers to enjoy their coffees. Besides, the good drinking atmosphere is suitable for customers to relax. And the comfortable chairs and decoration are around the stall.

street coffee stall

The drinks food kiosk‘s right side has a cup handrail model decoration that adds to the brand’s image. Above the bar counter, there are many lamps that shine and add an elegant touch to the stall. Small machines are on the bar counter, making it easy for the barista to make and serve coffee. One shelf at the bar counter displays some decorations that add to the stall’s look.

Inside the stall, there is a working counter that is tall and has a storage cabinet. The wide space for putting a refrigerator supports the business, making it easy to store ingredients and keep them fresh. The street coffee stand is made with high-quality materials that are weather-proof, making it durable and long-lasting.


What’s more, we it to meet the client’s ideas, making it unique and tailored to their needs. The professional service and skillful workers ensure that the stall is well-designed and constructed. The stall’s owners can contact us for more information and to get a customized stall that represents their brand.

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