Creative Street Fast Food Stall Unique Outdoor Snack Kiosk

If you want to do the food business without too much costs, I offer you one suggestion. That is you can start it from small fast food booths first. Nowadays, the streets full with many retail booths to sell foods, drinks or other products. How does the street fast food stall can be for supporting your business? We share one booth with you today to see its wonderful design.

Street fast food stall description

This is one creative street fast food stall with rich concepts. The design is also perfect to match the brand concepts. Then your booth can be high-end and colorful to attract the consumers and passers-by. Look at the facade frame, there is a big sales window. Around the window, left top corner has 3 L shape LED lights with different sizes. And the top has the green plants decoration. It full of vigor. Besides, at right top corner, it is one round sign to show the information. The food booth following are with the concept poster to show foods and logo too.

street fast food stall

Look at the right part of the food kiosk, it is so wonderful design. A half is the display shelf with many lattices area for display different decorations. And it extends to the window area. The frame at facade also has light strip so it looks so unique. Another half wall is decorated by the white tiles. And its top also wraps the plants on yellow frame. Besides, the mark and some decorations are also on the wall.

outdoor food kiosk

Take a view on the left part of the food concession stand. It is one different design part here. The wall is black with many white and or yellow acrylic lighting. The main feature at this side is to highlight the big luminous logo. And one sign at facade is to show the introduction of the brand. The top sets many spotlights for shining the brand concept wall. What a wonderful and creative design of the kiosk is!

food concession stand

Stall internal design

For the stall internal wall, there are white tile decorations too. The tiles make it beautiful and clean. We put the working counters around the wall and middle space is for you to move around comfortably for working. You can put relevant equipment inside to make foods. In the snack kiosk, there are also the storage areas.

If you want to have one street food stall, please contact us for more details. We will help you on how to do one food stall.

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