Creative Street Food Stall Unique Outdoor Donut Kiosk

People always like to eat the sweet donut at any time. Sweet donut can let people’ moods pleased and their stomach full. To open an donut booth is a profitable business, especially at the business delicious food streets or busy travelling places. The more people there are, the better your business will be. A small street food stall is enough comparing the shop, because donut business is easy and small stall can reduce the cost and be like a shop indeed.

Street food stall shape design

Here is one sweet donut stall. Its surface design is so creative, unique, special than others. When you have beautiful structure design with brave imaginations, you have win people’s hearts already. People can leave a good impressions. A theme and business concepts can be helpful on shape design which matches to be consistent with the food you will sell. The food stall will be outstanding and popular at the street.

Donut stall structure

The donut street food stall 3 sides are opened and one short end is the front side. A round donut shape with the beautiful purple and yellow lines is as the stall decoration. It can catch the consumers’ eyes and attention when they pass-by. When people see the shape, they can know it is a donut fast food kiosk directly. Besides, a sign at the donut model top is to show the creative acrylic logos here. At the bottom, it is one freezer to show some donuts for people to buy. The donut model and a wonderful logo can let people remember easily and attract many people to buy foods.

kitchen stallFrom the top view, it is beautiful too. The stall main body is pink and white lines. Then two big windows have the shelters to help consumers offer the shades and keep out of the rain. The shelters have the wonderful advertisements and posters. When close the window, people can see the information and beautiful donut pictures. It is a good publicity place to show the effect. It shows that the owner can take good use of concession stand every areas to let it play biggest role.

food stallThe dining table is at the window for consumers. The chairs cushions are creative donut shapes with customization to fit the donut theme too. They are colorful, cute and attractive. Everything of the food stall is novel and unique. People can sit at the chairs and enjoy their food and time comfortably under the big shelters. By the way, the lockable door is at back end. It can make your things safe when you don’t open the stall. The door is white and match the stall pick part well.

The donut food stall interior can have relevant counters for putting the machines. The layout will be suitable and fit the equipment items for you to do the donuts. The machines can’t be put inside casually. So before designing, the equipment list should be ready first for the layout arrangement. Then the inside space size can be suitable.

More information

Size: 3*2m

Material: plywood+aluminium-plastic panel, tempered glasses

Customization: Size, color, logo, shape, layout etc

Time: Design costs 2-4 working days, production spends 30-35 working days

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