Creative Street Ice Cream Booth Retail Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

People like ice cream because it’s sweet, creamy, and refreshing. It’s a comfort food that triggers happy memories and can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors and toppings. Street ice cream booth is good for retail business. It is because they can be operated in high-traffic areas. And they require minimal start-up costs, and they offer a product that is popular and in-demand during warmer months.

Outdoor ice cream booth description

The outdoor ice cream booth is a marvel of creative design and functionality. The booth is shaped like a giant ice cream cone with one part of the booth colored in bright yellow. The other part is made up of a shipping container structure. This creates a perfect combination of shape that attract attention.

In addition, the facade of the booth is with four round stickers. And that depicts the variety of delicious ice creams available at the booth. Besides, these stickers are at the top of the booth. They provide a clear indication of what customers can expect when they approach the booth.

street ice cream booth

The snack booth‘s adjustable canopy is with black and white stripes, which add an element of sophistication to the booth’s design. The sales window counter is white and creatively designed to attract customers. This allows the booth’s attendant to serve customers while also engaging them in conversation about the available ice creams.

On both sides of the booth, two big posters showcase the different types of ice creams on offer. What’ s more, these posters are eye-catching and draw attention to the booth’s offerings. They are in a way that makes them visible from a distance, making it easier for people to find the booth.

Interior area

The inside of the street food stall is equally impressive, with ample space to accommodate several ice cream machines. The countertop is spacious, allowing the attendant to prepare and serve ice creams efficiently. The front side of the booth is decorated with snacks, enticing customers to try some of the different snacks available.

What’s more, the walls, ceiling, and floor of the booth are all decorated in a way that makes the kiosk visually appealing. The decorations add an element of fun to the booth’s atmosphere, making it a perfect place to enjoy an ice cream.


In designing a food concession stand, We would focus on creating a similar balance of creativity, functionality, and visual appeal. I would ensure that the kiosk is to attract attention from a distance while also being functional enough to serve customers efficiently. To ensure high quality, I would work with a professional factory that understands the importance of delivering a quality product.

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