Creative Street Snack Drinks Stall Retail Outdoor Booth

Street snack drinks stall is useful and convenient for people because they offer quick and affordable options for on-the-go meals and refreshments. They are typically located in high-traffic areas such as busy streets, parks, and markets, making them easily accessible to people. Additionally, they offer a variety of options, catering to different tastes and preferences, making them a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Street snack drinks stall description

The street snack drinks stall is a small booth that is painted in blue and white colors. The booth is creative design and has a big canopy that provides shade to customers who come to buy snacks and drinks. The canopy is decorated with posters at the top that advertise the products sold at the booth.

street snack drinks stall

At the facade area of the outdoor booth, there is a logo that represents the brand of the products sold. The right area of the booth has a glass door, which makes it easy for customers to access the booth. Besides, there is a creative and useful part of the booth, which is an additional stand with wheels. The stand displays many snack magazines that customers can read while enjoying their snacks and drinks.

outdoor snack kiosk

On the left side of the street snack drinks stall, there is a Coca-Cola poster decoration that showcases the brand drinks. The back of the booth has shelves that display different types of snacks. The front showcase also displays snacks, and customers are free to choose the snacks they want. The booth also has a power bank, which is convenient for customers who need to charge their phones.

small street kiosk

The outdoor snack stand has tables and chairs where consumers can sit and enjoy their snacks and drinks. The big canopy provides shade to customers, making it a cool and comfortable place to rest. The booth also has a rubbish can, which is meant to protect the environment.

When the stall is closed, it still looks beautiful. The canopy and shelf are decorated with posters that showcase the brand, making it a flexible and convenient retail stall. Every retailer would love to have such a booth to promote their products.

outdoor stall


The street snack drinks stall can be customized for your brand. Contact us to get a booth that suits your brand and promotes your products conveniently and eye-catchingly. Overall, the street snack drinks stall is a creative and convenient booth that provides a comfortable place for customers to enjoy their snacks and drinks.

retail small kiosk

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