Custom Mobile Ice Cream Cart Flexible Yogurt Snack Trolley

People love to buy ice creams especially in the summer. It is very hot selling, but some people also like to eat it in winter. To open a shop needs a big cost, at this time, most people prefer to choose the cart way and the cart is flexible. You can sell ice creams everywhere. We can customize the mobile ice cream cart and here show you one.

Mobile ice cream cart description

The ice cream cart top has colorful sticker decoration and show the slogan. We can see the cart frame is red which is fresh and eye-catching. We install 3 spotlights in the top for shining at night. Besides, the cart body also has the beautiful and colorful sticker to show ice creams patterns and some slogans. You can show the promotion or advertisements. Its two sides patterns are different, so it look more creative. Besides, the cart edge is also with bright LED light strip, which makes it with atmosphere feeling and attract people. It can illuminate these poster.

Mobile ice cream cart

ice creams cart

The cart area is suitable for putting the refrigerator to freeze and show the ice creams to people. And its beside is the red counter with one small sink. You can also put the cashier register on counter. We put the water system in the cabinet. The cart bottom still has colorful sticker which makes this area not too simple. The layout is customized based on your requirements and machines.

food cart

The universal wheels are at the bottom. You can move it flexibly. It has the brake system when you want to park.It is easy for you to operate it. The wheels are very durable and strong. If you would more bigger wheels, it is optional.

retail ice cream cart

3D design

Everyone wants unique carts for their own business. No matter what kind of cart you want, our designers can make the effect for you. The 3D design is very vivid, and you can see all details. Design fee is 300USD and it spends 2-4 working days to be finished.

snack cart


We can make the 3D effect into real effect in production. After you are satisfied with the design, you will get one perfect cart the same as the design. It is not a dream for you. Please take actions to contact us and start the project at once. We are professional on this industry to help you.

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