Custom Outdoor Snack Stand Functional Food Drinks Kiosk

Nowadays, it is not a dream for people to own their shops. Everyone can make plan to build the shops to do business. If you have no too much cost, you can choose the mall or outdoor kiosks. But outdoor can offer you more options. We are your helper on customizing and producing the business kiosks. Here we show your one example, which is the outdoor snack stand. You will like such one small shop.

outdoor snack stand 3

Outdoor snack stand description

If you place your own snack kiosk at outdoor place, it should be with attractive features. In this way, the passers-by can notice your kiosk and your booth location. And the most effective way is to lead the consumers to buy your products. The kiosk two ends have the deep yellow frame as the decoration and eave. And we put some signs and light promotion posters on the frame. What’s more, the outdoor snack stand top and bottom surfaces have the lines decoration. And middle parts are high quality glass type. People can see look into your booth no matter they come from any direction. Then they can see your kiosk full with foods, which inspire their buying desire.

outdoor snack stand

And in order to make the food stall more colorful and eye-catching, we design more decoration elements on it. At the roof, we set one elliptic shape coffee sign which face the coffee bar window. There are two menu light boxes at the windows. And under the eave, the snack stand shows the “coffee” sign and patterns and people can get information directly. In the external counter, there is one small refrigerator. And another side is different area because the top shows hamburger poster. And the snack kiosk has the seating area with dining table for the consumers to eat the fast foods.. People can buy foods and drinks from here together conveniently.

outdoor coffee kiosk

The food kiosk right side is for different area too. Here this window sells bubble teas. And it also has the consumers area with seating. The window has the display shelves to show many beverages. When the day becomes dark, the whole outdoor snack stand is luminous. It has some lighting signs, light boxes, and LED light strip design. Then people can notice it at night too.

outdoor snack stand 2

Kiosk layout

The kiosk interior layout is also one most important area. The counters are around the kiosk 4 sides. And it can hold many machines, there are small refrigerator, cashier register, coffee mixer etc.. And counters are with cabinets for you. Besides, in the kiosk, there are the display shelves too. And we can also help you install the air condition on the top. The ceiling also has lamp and decoration. Your shop can be delicate.


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