Custom Park Snack Kiosk Latest Outdoor Fast Food Booth

The park is one relaxing place for people to spend their free time. They can take a walk or run at night after off working, or do some exercises. They can also hold some activities or have fun with children at park on the weekends. So the park retail kiosks are basic necessary facilities to meet people’s needs. Park is a good place for you to do the business. So next, I introduce you one park snack kiosk.

Park snack kiosk description

This one snack kiosk is placed in the park. The best attractive structure of the kiosk is its top roof big sunshade. The sunshade is V shape and very good for drain away rain. And the sunshade structure can offer a big cool environment for the kiosk. Let’s take a view on the park snack kiosk facade. The structure of the kiosk pillar is pink, which looks nice. The big eye-catching sign logo is the top beam middle place. The big sign can offer people the deep impression easily. And at the facade, there is one display freezer to display cooked fast foods. And its beside counter has yellow frame to show the food light box. The clear poster looks delicious for people. It can attract many consumers to buy the snack foods. The chairs are put at food concession stand two sides for consumers.

park snack kiosk

The park snack kiosk left and right side counter has one cute fast food patterns poster. It is one part decoration. And food stall frame top also has the logo and different foods light boxes. When people enjoy the snacks on the chairs, they can see your delicious food posters. The beam has the spotlights for atmosphere lighting. The back side counter is yellow and back middle space is with the shutter blinds. And the top also has the booth sign to show to people.

outdoor food kiosk

street food booth

Kiosk layout

The interior layout is retailers’ primary concern. We will make it convenient for your work and with a good decoration. Colorful contents drawings are on the two blackboards. The blackboards are at the top and it is easy for consumers to see it. You can draw menu information, express your food kiosk concepts or just make it as decoration to people. The inside counters can hold your different kinds of machines. And there are relevant storage cabinets for you. The ceiling and floor also has a decoration.

If you would like to have one kiosk, please contact us for detailed information. Then we can help you proceed the project.


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