Custom Small Coffee Trailer Blue Drinks Beverage Truck

At present, the coffee culture has been passed around the world. Coffee is one important drink for the hard-working people who is very tired. And it can make people refresh and improve their working energy. Coffee is one popular and relaxing drink for some people who is like to enjoy the coffee time. Most people like to open coffee booth. And you can own one small coffee trailer.

Small coffee trailer description

This one small coffee trailer is very simple but all device is complete. Here we can see the coffee trailer has one towing cover at the chassis to hold one toolkit. It is durable to bear heavy things. But the most important role of the towing cover is to connect the car for you to move it away. The device includes the connecting chain and one guide wheel. At this front head, it designs one small ventilation window with a little arch eave.

small coffee trailer

The food trailer two right and left sides all design the sales window. And back side also has one arch window. People can see your coffee booth easily wherever they come from. And the aroma of coffee comes out easily too. In this way, your coffee can attract pass-by more easily. The window door is one part of the cart body. When you open it, the window door become the sunshade.

small coffee trailer 2

The wheels are with single axle type at the chassis middle. And 4 lifting jacks are around at cart bottom corners. They can support the coffee snack truck well. When you place it at relevant place, you can adjust the jacks. The small coffee trailer rear designs the door, you can enter and exit. For the safety and security, the door has the high quality lock. And there are the basic tail lighting system. The lights has fog light, triangle reflective and clearance lamp etc..

small coffee trailer 3

food trailer


The inside wall part of the food truck is white. And the stainless stainless working benches are at the cart 3 sides. The working benches are with storage cabinets and relevant empty area. Then you can put machines under the working bench. Besides, you can put on countertop. Normally the working bench contains the water sink. All electricity on wall has the leakage device. The floor type is non-slip aluminum material. And it has the drain. In addition, the lamp is placed at the ceiling. All is basic and standard structure design.


Its cart body is pure blue color. The blue color is like the blue sky. Most people like it very much. But we can do every kind pure color or color combination if you need.

food truck


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