Custom Street Candy Trailer Pink Snack Van Design

Candy can make people feel sweet and happy all the time. Not only children like to eat candies, but also young people like to eat candies. The candies have different tastes and shapes. Some retailers move the their candy trailer at the street to sell many candies and snacks. Do you want to have your candy booth? Let’s take a view on the street candy trailer.

Street candy trailer description

The candy trailer color is pink. It is lovely, romantic which meets the girls’psychology well. This color is very bright and let people can think about it is one candy booth easily. We can see the street candy trailer has no tow bar. The tow bar is optional and  this depends on your needs. Some retailers don’t need to move it very often so they don’t need the tow bar. There are 4 jacks and single axle wheels to support the candy cart body stably. And the street candy trailer has a big selling window to sell and display the candies and snacks. The area is with a little red color to decorate the bottom body edge.

street candy trailer

The front side of the food trailer has a wide glass arch ventilation window. You can open it when you are working, then you can get fresh air and cool wind. And the edges and bottom area has some lines to make the shape more three-dimensional. The power supply is at the right edge for connect the electric supply.

candy trailer

Look at the retail snack truck rear, it has a arch door with high quality lock. You can go inside the candy truck directly. When you close the street candy trailer, you can open use keys to lock to keep security. In addition, the tail light system is offered according to your normal standard. It can show the information of returning, revise, brake etc..

food truck


Two sides all have the working counters. You can display some candies, work with machines to make some snacks or fast foods. The counters have relevant storage cabinets and shelves for you to store the goods. And one range hood is at the corner, you can put kitchen machine at that place. The interior part has relevant electric device, water sink system, machines etc.. for you if you need machines.


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