Custom Street Snack Booth Outdoor Retail Stall Design

The retail booths are very convenient for people in life. When we are thirsty and walk in the street, we can buy drinks from the street booths directly. The small booths also can maintain your life and earn some extra money. You can get many consumers everyday at outdoor. Are you finding one street snack booth to sell different kinds of snacks? You will love it which we share.

Street snack booth description

The snack booth is at the street to sell many kinds of the products. There are snacks, drinks and magazines etc.. When people pass by it,they see so many products you sell. The street snack booth top has a good design. It is a good place to show the booth logo image at 4 sides. The luminous green part is very eye-catching to highlight the logo. The top edges are stainless steel which looks high-end and high quality. We can see the facade, in the food kiosk, there are the shelves displaying so many products. The top also has one poster to show different drinks, so people can know you offer them too. One cashier register is at the middle counter. People can take the snacks or magazines from the booth directly and pay for them to you conveniently. On the pillar, you can stick some posters for promotion also.

Street snack booth

outdoor snack kiosk

The retail snack stand two sides are the same designs. They still have the display shelves with many different layers to display relevant snacks too. And another part is placed one big refrigerator for the drinks. And you can put some posters decorations on the kiosk wall. What’s more, the door is set at the kiosk back side. The snack booth can have so many display areas with a good design. The kiosk plays good role on functions. In addition, the booth inside also have storage spaces for your products.

street snack kiosk


The basic material is plywood. Such kind material has good weather-proof resistance. And it is not easy to be deformed. The surface treatment is the wooden veneer material. It looks very high quality and beautiful. The materials are durable on kiosk.

Retail outdoor kiosk


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