Customized Outdoor Fast Food Trailer Street Mobile Food Truck

The mobile food truck is the wonderful choice for the new business men. They can sell the food at their any time and any place. A custom fast food trailer cost is a big investment for entrepreneurs, but it is less than the shop decoration. They also don’t need to pay for the rent. So you deserve the multi-functional trailer.

Fast food trailer description

This one food trailer shape is more special than that cuboid type. Its one end is round curved and the owner use the rear end as the selling window. There is one stainless steel bar table at the sales window for putting the cooked fast food and consumers can take it conveniently. The rear part has the tail lights to make other drivers to see when it is on road.

fast food trailer rear

Besides, the top roof is with black shade curtain for let people feel cool. The food trailer 3 sides are the sliding windows for more wider view. You can open them for ventilation and people also can see your trailer layout and food making process. This is a design point from the point of view of the customer. There are 2 axles with 4*R14 wheels, tires is high-speed bearings, 5 leaves spring with high speed bearing.

The front side is with a door for owner. The tow bar is with durable and safety ball headed coupling. Besides, it also has safe electric brake system and hand brake system. You can use car to pull it everywhere. Hot-dip galvanized steel frame structure with anti-rust protective coating is for the classics and frame.

fast food trailer towbar

Food truck layout

The layout is arranged according to the machines and working areas. The stainless steel counters also have many cabinets for storing your other food materials and ingredients. You can use the machines and make the food on the countertop. Such kind counters are water-proof, durable and easy to be clean well. Even you use many years, they are still like new all the time. The working area can be for 2-3 persons. The LED lights, cable socket, switch circuit breakers are as required according to international standards for the equipment. We can also offer complete water system, such as sinks, cold/hot tags, pump, tanks, control switch.

fast food trailer layout

Layout design for reference

Food trailer characters

It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high strength, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, fire resistance and so on. It is suitable for wet, highly corrosive environments. It’s smooth and easy to clean.

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