Customized Outdoor Food Kiosk Design Retail Snack Booth

Outdoor food kiosks are popular for retailers. It is because they offer cost-effective solutions for businesses that want to expand without committing to a permanent brick-and-mortar location. They can be easily moved to high-traffic areas and offer flexibility in terms of the types of food and beverages that can be sold. Outdoor food kiosks also appeal to customers who value convenience and quick service.

Outdoor food kiosk description

The outdoor food kiosk described is a stunning and creative structure that adopts a bee shape element as its decoration. The main color tone of the kiosk is yellow and black. And it is with the two colors alternating between each other in a good combination that catches the eye. The creative style of the kiosk is further emphasized by the yellow board on top. It displays logos on three sides, each corresponding to a sales window.

outdoor food kiosk

The food booth is an open type with canopies that provide a cool and comfortable environment for customers. The canopies are slanted shape, which is good for draining rainwater. The white bar counter at the sales windows adds to the overall aesthetic of the kiosk. The roof is thick and has an eave for protection against weather elements. The back side has a big yellow door for entry. It is easy for staff to move in and out of the kiosk.

street food kiosk

outdoor food kiosk design

The structure of the kiosk is good, with foot pads at the bottom and a good design that ensures stability. The interior layout of the outdoor food stall has wide working counters around the sales window. The counters hold food machines and have storage cabinets. The countertop is glossy, made from black man-made stone material.

outdoor kiosk design

This adds to the real kiosk effect and high quality of the structure. The eaves have spotlights that illuminate the kiosk, and the window has roller shutter doors that are durable and easy to operate.

To attract customers, the kiosk has posters placed on it for decoration and to advertise products. The top of the kiosk shows the booth logo, which adds to its attractiveness.

street food stall

food booth

The detail size of the kiosk can be optional according to customer needs.


Overall, if you are looking for an outdoor food kiosk, this one is sure to meet your needs. The professional services ensure that the kiosk can meet your specific requirements. With its creative design, good structure, and attractive features, this food kiosk is sure to be a hit with customers.

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