Cute Small BBQ Trailer Tiny Barbecue Truck For Sale

Almost all foods can be used to be make the barbecues. Some people are very good at making delicious BBQ and they can do business at their free times. This is one easy business skill. How retailers can do their business flexibly? The most important booth is the food trailer tool. If you want to sell BBQ too, one small BBQ trailer can make your dream come true.

Small BBQ trailer description

The small one BBQ trailer really looks very tiny and cute. But it can have all complete functions for you to work. There is one saying that the sparrow is small, but it has all the viscera. How many functions does the small BBQ trailer have? Let’s check its details together. It has one sliding door sales window to fit its biggest area. And it also has relevant big sunshade when you open the window. Then the sunshade can be supported by the bracing pieces. It also has the small bar counter, then you or consumers can put the foods on it for a while conveniently. The snack trailer inside spaces has the counters, BBQ machines and electricity for using. The ceiling and floor all is nice design too.

small BBQ trailer 1

The retail food trailer structure edges are silver. And its all surface has the water-proof stickers decorations to show the delicious foods. It is mobile advertisement to attract people to buy your foods. Usually, the patterns can bring people direct vision feelings vividly. So people can get the information and inspire their feeling more easily. In this way, they more want to eat the barbecues. The tow bar is complete with guide wheel too. All is useful for you to connect the car to move the BBQ truck.

small BBQ trailer 2


The other security door is at the barbecue food truck right side. And we can see the small wheels with high quality wires support the cart. It can bearing about 500KG, which is so strong. The barbecue truck still has 4 bearing jacks too. The tailing system is based on your country standard. And normally we set it at the rear bottom. When you move it on road, others can see the high visibility lamps.

small BBQ trailer 3

barbecue trailer



Some lamps decoration are around the top parts. And the LED light strips are around the whole BBQ snack cart frame. The lighting can be customized to any colors. They look so shining and beautiful. We can also make it different colors at each side if you like.

food trailer

food truck

mobile food trailer


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