Cute Street Ice Cream Kiosk Fiberglass Food Stall

In the summer, we can see ice cream booth along the street everywhere. And soft ice cream is more popular than ice-lolly. But you can sell two kinds, which are more options for people.The street ice cream kiosk can offer you a good selling environment and attract the consumers. Are you looking for special one? Let’s take a look.

Street ice cream kiosk description

This is one cute, fantastic and attractive ice cream booth. Its material is fiber glass which is special than normal outdoor kiosks. The street ice cream kiosk color is white and its surface is very smooth. About the surface color, we can help you make it more colorful if you like. The ice cream kiosk is oval shape. And its inside has the working counters. You can put machines such as juice machine, ice cream machine on the countertop or on the floor. It has the relevant space for your machines. Besides, the counters also has the cabinets for storing something. In addition, the street ice cream kiosk also has the display freezer for the products. You can also put the cashier register on the counter to receive money conveniently.

street ice cream stall

The street ice cream kiosk structure is with high technology skills. The top and bottom counters have the lifting system to support. And when you don’t use the kiosk or you are of working, you can close the the kiosk. After you close it, it will be like a building decoration at your place. How wonderful design it is! You can control the lifting system by yourself. In addition, the food stall can be with the wheels for you to move easily, and it is detachable. In this way, when you want to change the selling place, you can move the kiosk.

street ice cream stall


The logos are at the food kiosk top stably. Even it meets strong sunshine or heavy rains and winds,it won’t fall down.The logo have many types and you can choose what style you like. Besides, the logo is a good way to improve your brand images and let people know and remember your booth.

street ice cream stall 2

More information

Size: 3*1.5m

Material: Fiberglass, plywood for counter, man-made stone for countertop

Design fee: 300USD

Production time: 30-35 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days

More details about design, kiosk price and production please contact us at any time.

street ice cream stall 3

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