Delicate Fast Food Concession Stand Lovely Outdoor Food Kiosk

The retailers can sell many fast foods at the retail shop or booth. For example, most bubble tea shop not only sell boba teas, but also hamburgers, hot dogs, desserts, cakes etc. fast foods. Nowadays, the street food booths are more popular than shops. The fast food concession stand can be customized into all styles with good design. Next, let’s learn about one food stand.

Fast food concession stand description

See, this one fast food concession stand is so lovely, beautiful and delicate. Its facade is very colorful. One wooden trapezoidal board and white trapezoidal board cross each other and they are in opposite directions. At the wooden board corner, there is one big and colorful luminous logo and totem. And people can know the food stand’s name. The white board one has many colorful patterns and different luminous foods patterns. And white board has the LED light strip around its edge. All lighting on the food kiosk is pink. It looks so romantic and eye-catching. One signage shows the menu which is near the kiosk. When people pass by the kiosk, they can know what fast foods you offer.

Fast food concession stand

What’s more, sales service window also has the crossed trapezoidal shapes. And the food freezer and cashier counter is on the service window. People order some cooked food directly from the window. The facade shows the beauty of figures of geometry. It is novel idea.

Fast food concession stand 2

One dining table extend from window bottom to the food stall right side. And you place the chairs for consumers. They enjoy your fast foods at your booth. In addition, the right side part also has the pink lighting decoration. Another side has the poster decoration too. The whole fast food concession stand is really wonderful.

outdoor food kiosk

Interior decoration

People can also see your food concession stand inside decoration from the window. The ceiling has bright square lamps design. And in the kiosk, there are relevant working counter. And counters are normally with storage cabinets and shelves. You can place many working machines on the suitable area to work.


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