Delicate Outdoor Laundry Kiosk Retail Business Booth Design

No matter what business you do, we can do the retail kiosk for you. Today, we have one example to share you. Our customer wants to do laundry business for people at their housing estate. And he has found a outdoor area for the booth. Therefore, we customize the outdoor laundry kiosk to match his business. And you can learn about the features.

Outdoor laundry kiosk description

We designed the 1.5*4m outdoor laundry kiosk to meet both aesthetic and functional needs. The kiosk color tone is white and wooden and its surface has the wonderful lines decoration. The top and bottom are the several wooden strips. The wooden strips lines are cross with white part. It shows different layers. The outside door is glass sliding type, and people can see your inside layout. One retro lamp is near the glass door. This one laundry stall has some feet at the bottom which keeps some distance with the floor. The most bigger function is to let you lift it when moving easily.

Outdoor laundry kiosk


The corner is designed the windows for you getting daylights and ventilation. The back wall has the wooden rack to hold the plants. The booth left wall has the round light box with wooden frame. These are delicate decorations for the laundry kiosk.

Outdoor laundry kiosk

It is beautifully situated in the garden. You can install the air conditioner for the kiosk at the right side. And place the stool near the kiosk in the garden for consumers to have a rest.

laundry kiosk


Interior design

Interior design part is a built-in job. There is a washing machine, dryer, hanger, locker, hanging iron, sink,ironing and sofa area. You can sit on a rubber tiled floor. The wall and ceiling is also like the house wall. The wall is decorated by the white tiles. Inside also has the lamps. You can make a good laundry business.

Production pictures

The production effect is high quality and it is the same as the 3D design. We use weather-proof materials to make the kiosk. You can use the kiosk even over 10 years.

outdoor kiosk

Customer feedback pictures

Our customer likes the kiosk very much. He spent less cost to get one perfect booth to do business.


If you would like one new design of the kiosk, we can customize and adjust it according to style , size, material and function. We try to be as responsive as possible to our customers whether it’s beautiful, eye-catching, functional and without increasing design budget. We design specifically to meet the needs and allowing the beauty of each area of the kiosk to fit perfectly.

outdoor stall

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