Delicate Outdoor Shawarma Kiosk Retail Snack Food Booth

Shawarma is the most popular in the middle East area. But with the society development, it spreads to other countries and become the delicious and different street snack for other areas’ people. If you catch the market opportunity, you can have outdoor shawarma kiosk to sell the popular snacks. But the kiosk should be with a good design which can be more helpful for your business. It is because that the a good shawarma kiosk can help you attract more customers.

Outdoor shawarma kiosk description

Such one shawarma kiosk at the street is so eye-catching and looks so beautiful and fancy. The main colors are dusty pink and light pink, which looks wonderful. And the whole structure looks very high-end. Its two sides are open and welcome people to come in the kiosk. Besides, people can see their food making process. And the smells of the foods will spread around the street and attract many people. And these two sides are with the roller shutter doors. When you don’t work at the kiosk, you can close two sides doors for security.

The roof is is thick and the wall has some broken mark design. The broken mark design increases the design feeling but also can be more stable. In the outdoor shawarma kiosk, there are two U shapes counters for staffs to make different foods. The counters has stainless steel to decorate the edges, which makes the food stall more high grade. And each one counter has a half sign of the logo. It combine the brand sign well, because two words is one group logo. You can work with machines in the counter area well.

shawarma kiosk

On the two walls, there are different display shelves, which looks very lovely. The display shelves with different layout can help you display some decorations, such as cups, small plants etc.. There are many spotlights at the food stall ceiling. Besides, there are also some beautiful lamps as the decoration too. The lighting makes the kiosk shining and wonderful at night.

outdoor shawarma kiosk 2


And the store front is also creative. It has spotlights, luminous logo, different logo patterns and solid wood strip decoration. Besides, it shows the geometric patterns. Two sides signs are different, but they newly and catch people’s eyes. People will know what the food booth it is. The menu light boxes are at the top. When people come near the outdoor shawarma kiosk, they can see the menu with relevant products pictures and prices. The light box effect also is beautiful because it is luminous.

Customer area

If you have enough space, you can place relevant tables and chairs around your kiosk. The people can buy your foods and enjoy the meal at your areas. It offers the convenience to consumers and let people feel good services. Besides, when other people at the street and see many people have your food, they will also want to taste.

street food kiosk

Size & Layout



Such beautiful outdoor kiosk can be a good scenery at your street. If you have some new ideas and want to get the new design, we can customize and help on production. Then you can have a delicate and high quality shamarwa kiosk. Please talk with us if you are interested in the outdoor kiosk. Out of website.

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