Delicate Retail Ice Cream Cart Custom Smoothie Drinks Cart

Gelato ice cream is very famous and popular not only in summer, but also the winter day. You can sell it all year round. The ice cream has different tastes with different colors. It is optional for consumers. If you would like to do the flexible business we recommend the retail ice cream cart to you. You can choose the business running time, places freely, and you don’t need to pay for high rent.

Retail ice cream cart description

The whole retail ice cream cart style is delicate. The cart body color is like chocolate color and ice cream color. It has some stainless steel golden color embellish the cart pillars and the handles, which looks high-end. In addition, the cart has the logo on the cart middle and the top 4 sides. The logo shows the Gelato and people can know it is ice cream type directly. And the roof also has the sign.

Retail ice cream cart

Besides, the cart also has the high grade beautiful lamps decorations are at the top for bright. It makes the cart so wonderful. Each side has 2 wheels at two ends and the cart bottom also has several universal wheels. The universal wheels are helpful on moving the cart more smoothly.

ice cream cart


Let’s see the cart layout arrangement. The ice cream freezer is at the cart middle and the cart has the air vent for the machine heat dissipation. The freezer can show 10 different tastes ice creams. At the countertop right side, you can put the cashier register and order machine. At the countertop left counter, there are some toppings for you to put different ingredients for the ice creams. What’s more, the cart two ends still have the small refrigerators for drinks. The cart area is taken good full use. It is convenient for selling ice cream.

food cart

3D design

If you would like one cart which is similar to this style, let’s design one to match the foods and your logo. And we will make a good layout according to your machines. We can finish initial design within 2-4 working days and we just charge 300 US dollars for 3D design.

ice cream snack cart


Normally the production time for one cart is about 25-28 working days. We produce the cart based on the design which you confirm. You can get one wonderful cart to do sell your products. Out of website.

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