Delicate Street Corn Stall Tiny Beautiful Butter Snack Kiosk

The street has many good locations for people to choose for business. If you want to have business at street, the kiosk type is most suitable and cost-effective. You can sell the foods which you are good at making. We can customize the attractive booth for you to let consumers notice your booth. Next, I show you one wonderful street corn stall for reference.

Street corn stall description

The street corn stall design style is very fresh and delicate. First, it shows on the colors. The color tone is the white and yellow. It is a popular warm color combination in life. Second, the structure is creative. The whole stall is the cuboid shape, but the sales window shape is like the house. The edges of the sale window is yellow. The external has the bar counter to hold the foods and drinks, which bring a small convenience for you and consumers. The window bottom decoration are the yellow tiles. It makes the window part so vivid. Third, that is the signage design. The logo letters are very cute which is white and yellow color too. They are 3D luminous logos. Besides, one booth signage is at right top corner near the logo, which is luminous too. The whole corn food kiosk facade is so splendid.

Street corn stall

The booth is tiny 8*6ft. It is suitable for the person who wants to build their small business at the early stage. t the street corn stall left side, there is one yellow door. And the door is with the window and handle. The windows can let you feel the inside space more wide and bright. And you don’t feel narrow and enclosed in the snack stand. You can also see the outside people and situations from the windows and doors. We can help you set the windows door for keep out of rains.

Street food stall

Stall inside layout

The butter & corn food kiosk has the front counter at the sales window. You can put small foods machines and cashier register on this one counter. On the kiosk wall, we also install the display shelves for you to put something for convenient work. Further more, the back side also has the counters to hold the big machines. And the counters normally are very useful with storage cabinets for you. The lamps at ceiling can make the booth very bright.

3D design

We can customize and create many unique styles to match your business. We will show the effects on the 3D design. In this way, you can see details and know how your booth is. Besides, you can also tell us your suggestions on the initial design. We only charge 300USD for the professional design. And it just takes about 2-4 working days to finish.


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