Delicate Street Shawarma Stall Durable Snakc Kiosk For Sale

Shawarma started out as a favorite snack in the Middle East, but today, the cooking of shawarma has spread to many places. More and more people like to eat shawarma. We can see the shawarma at the food shops or street booths. If you want to do small shawarma business, the street shawarma stall is very suitable for you. What you image and what we can design and produce it into real item.

Street shawarma stall description

The following one shawarma is for outdoor street use. It is delicate natural style. Every part design is so lovely. At the top right side, we set the logo. The logo is white which is obvious from the deep color background. The facade is high quality tempered glass type. And people can see your interior part from the glass. What’s more, at this facade, it leaves the L shape out and we make the green decoration for it. The green decoration extends to its right side. And yellow light strips make the edges bright with lighting atmosphere. Look at the shawarma snack kiosk right side, its right side is glass part too. And the middle part is one “T” shape decoration with solid woods. The luminous round light box shows coffee picture on the wall. It’s a very designed structure from the perspective which shows layering beauty.

Street shawarma stall

The another side is tempered glass sales window too. All windows parts are with the white frame. Here also shows the lines beauty too. The main decoration of the food stand are solid wood parts. The green decoration parts are around these two sides bottom with lighting too. The door and eave are white at street shamarma stall another side. You can place some green plants decorations to make the booth vibrant.

food stall


The food stall stands on a durable floor. The floor is white and its corners are round. Then people won’t be hurt by the sharp angle. In addition, the floor edges can be lighted too. The lights can make people notice the floor when they come to the booth. Lights are also the parts of the decorations.

Interior layout

The interior design is delicate too. The wall is decorated by the tiles, which is so high-end. If you make the wall dirty, it will be very easy for you to clean, because it is smooth. There are equipped the working counters, water sinks, working machines in the kiosk. You can make foods efficiently and comfortably. We can also help you install the equipment if you need it.


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