Delicate Tea Cart Movable Drinks Beverage Trolley

A lot of retailers use the cart to sell fast foods, snacks, beverages, teas or some daily products. The reason is that the cart is portable and movable. You can push it to different places to sell foods. Second, the cart cost is low and affordable for the person who first time to start business. Third, the streets have big consumer group. We are professional on customizing carts for you. Please follow us to learn about tea cart.

Tea cart description

The tea cart adopts natural wooden color and deep green combination. It expresses tea concepts of the green and health. The tea cart looks very delicate, which not only shows on the colors, but also the delicate decoration. The cart weekend canopy cloth is green and white color, which looks very fresh. And we can see one side pillars middle, there are the delicate shape decoration. The cart left side middle is the decoration of menu. You still can put menus or something at the green small bar counter. Then people can see or take teas from here directly.

Tea cart

drinks cart

On the cart wooden part, there are beautiful tea pictures decoration and the acrylic logo decoration. We can feel the beauty of original ecology. And at the cart top part, there is still one wooden part which is with creative logo. And two retro lamps are hanged at the top frame which are in front of the wooden shelf. The facade towards to people is so beautiful.

juice cart

Let’s see the back side details. The top has 2 storage shelves then you can place something for working conveniently. The following counter is stainless steel type which is durable. It has drawer and big cabinet. You can put machines on the counter to boil the teas. Besides, the cart wheels are necessary which are at the bottom if you want it to be movable. Normally, it is the basic device for the cart.

beverage cart

More information

Size: 160*60cm

Materials: Stainless steel, solid wood strip

Design: 300USD, 2-4 working days to finish

Production: 18-22 working days

Customization: Size, color, layout etc.

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