Delicate Yellow Bubble Tea Trailer Mobile Custom Food Truck

Bubble tea are the most popular business trend. At present, there are many bubble tea shops, mall or outdoor tea kiosks everywhere. Some bubble tea brands has been created. If you want to join them or create your own brand with a free and relaxing business, the mobile bubble tea trailer is very suitable for you. How to get one wonderful food trailer? We can customize it for you. Now let’s see some details first.

Bubble tea trailer

Bubble tea trailer description

The tea trailer is delicate, beautiful and attractive. Its color is bright yellow, such color can catch people’s eyes even they are far away from the booth. When they come towards to the booth, they can see your brand logo at the bubble tea trailer top. The signage is highlighted then people can see and remember you easily. Besides, under the window, the attractive bubble tea picture is at left side and creative slogan is at right side. The decorations can let people what you sell and attract them to buy. The LED lights are around the trailer frame to add atmosphere at night for you.

bubble tea trailer 2

What’s more, the bubble tea trailer installs one air conditioner inside and its ventilation device is on the two bar. You can have a cool and comfortable working environment. The tow bar is durable and it can bear big load capacity even you put heavy things on it. You can use car to connect the tow bar and move the tea trailer to the places you want. Besides, we can see the front window, it is arch shape and its surrounding are with many stickers decoration, the logo is at window middle too. The signs of internet contact ways also shows under the arch window. It is so creative here.

bubble tea trailer 2

The sales windows are with sliding doors and it is sloping. You can open the windows any sides casually. Besides, the sliding doors offer you double protection, because its outside still has the sunshade. You can lock them together when you are off working. The big entrance door is at the back of the food van. The tail lights are standard with relevant colors at the doors two sides. The wheels are for mobile and it is single axle which looks suitable for the cart body. Besides, 4 jacks can offer the power to support the chassis and make trailer stable.

bubble tea trailer 3

Interior layout

This is the layout of the bubble tea trailer. The channel is at middle and two sides are the stainless steel working counters. The counters are with the storage layers. Such kind material of the counters are durable. And it is flat smooth,and easy to make clean. It will be always new because it can’t get rust no matter how you use. The water system with sinks are included in the counter. Besides, you can put other machines on the truck floor or working counters. The space is suitable for the equipment. The air conditioner is at the end top. And the lamps are at ceiling top too. The layout is custom reasonably well.

Tea truck layout


Dimensions of cart body: (L)250x(W)220x(H)235cm

Dimensions with trailer: (L)340x(W)200x(H)235cm

Working table height: 85cm

Working table width: 50cm

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