Durable Beach Coffee Stall Custom Street Food Kiosk

The beach travelling place always fulls with visitors from different places.People enjoy their time at the beach with many different recreational facilities and activities all day. When they are tired or hungry after having fun, the food and beverages are their energy. The food stall is also very popular in the beach scenery area. All booths can meet visitors needs and boost the local economy. Would you want to open booth at beach? Today we introduce one beach coffee stall to you.

Beach coffee stall description

This is one coffee stall at the beach, but it not only sell the coffee but also sell fast foods. More different foods can meet more visitors’ needs, then you can earn more money. We see the roof of the coffee stall is black and its every side shows the shop logo and name. The logo is pink and it has one single pattern which is helpful for people to keep it in mind. And it has two windows to sell foods and for ventilation.The windows has folded sunshades and you can put them down at night. We can see that freezer, display showcase and cashier register is on the countertop. Under the freezer, it has the one open area for the refrigerator. The refrigerator displays cold beverages, and people can pick drinks up by themselves. On the kiosk surface, it shows food poster and light box to attract visitors.

beach coffee stall


Two sides kiosk surface is yellow, and 2 sides surface black, which is one kind newly color combination and application. The big signage is in the wall middle and the spotlights at the top shine it. The luminous sign can let people see your coffee shop from far way at night clearly when the come from this direction. The lights always can play the role on guiding.

beach coffee stall 2


The kiosk another side has the yellow door. And the door has lock and handle hardware accessories which is high quality. Near the yellow door, there is the attractive and creative pattern which can attract visitors. And the pattern shows the coffee booth concept and make the beach coffee stall more meaningful.

beach food kiosk


The food kiosk interior has a good decoration. The ceiling and counter surface is yellow too and countertop is white. The counters has many storage cabinets. The water sink, fast food and coffee machines are on the suitable place. A big lamp is in the ceiling middle and it can offer enough lights. And there are some spotlights at the beam. What’s more, the wall has the tile decoration. The tile also can be replaced by the tile poster sticker, which can reduce cost. And delicious foods poster on the wall to show to people too.

beach kiosk layout


The main materials are metal, plywood, man-made stone. And surface treatment is the aluminum composite panel. All materials can be durable in the bad weather even rains or snows. It has a long life use. So it is very cost-effective for you to have one for business at the beach or street.

outdoor food kiosk

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