Durable Outdoor Information Kiosk Street Service Center Stall

Nowadays, every scenery place, big mall or any area sets up the tourists service center and station. The tourists can learn about the information or ask help from the service station. And now the outdoor information kiosk type is popular. It is because the kiosk is very convenient to be put in relevant area location and it can also reduce costs for the companies. People can also find the information kiosk easily when they are in the scenery area.

Outdoor information kiosk description

This one outdoor information kiosk is very high quality. Its surface is the solid wood strip decoration and its color is deep brown which is like chocolate color. For the solid wood strip, there are many types for options. The information kiosk has the glass seal windows on 4 sides and there is one voice device on the window. The voice device is convenient for the people to talk with the staff who is inside the kiosk. At the light box is at the area which is near the service window. The light box shows relevant information guides then people can learn about it. The door is at another side of the kiosk, and it is also decorated by the solid wood strip. It has the lock with keys for you to lock it and protect the inside stuffs.

outdoor information kiosk

outdoor information kioskSignage

Every window area top has the signage. The signage board is black and the letters are white. In this way, the “information” can be high lighted and people can see clearly. Besides, under the service windows, there are the big round luminous 3D signs to show “i”. Although the kiosk is simple, but it has relevant signs to show the main business feature.

outdoor information kiosk 3


In the information kiosk, it has relevant working tables for putting computers. Then the staff can work well. And it also has the storage counters and shelves for the files. The ceiling and floor also has a good wooden decorations. The lamps and sockets are in the kiosk.


No matter what kind of outdoor information stall you like, we can make design and production for you. The kiosk can meet your ideas on size, style, color, style, layout etc.. Please contact us to ask for more detailed information.


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