Durable Outdoor Snack Concession Stand Street Food Kiosk Design

Retailers need one durable outdoor snack concession stand because it provides a cost-effective solution for selling food and drinks outdoors. It can withstand different weather conditions, making it a reliable source of income for retailers. It also offers flexibility, allowing them to move the concession stand to different locations as needed. Additionally, having one durable concession stand ensures consistency in the quality of food and service offered to customers.

Outdoor snack conccession stand description

The outdoor snack concession stand is a well-designed structure that is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. The exterior of the stand is with attractive posters of delicious food。The poster decoration that are so colorful and well-designed that they are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. The posters are on both the top and bottom of the exterior, making it impossible for anyone to miss them.

The stand is in a way that makes it easy for customers to order and take their food. There is a big full sales window that allows customers to see the food being prepared and choose what they want to order. The left side of the outdoor food kiosk has a glass window. And that serves as a take-out window, making it convenient for customers who want to grab their food and go.

The menu is on a blackboard that is on wall, making it easy for customers to see what is available. The bottom of the kiosk features solid wood strip decoration that adds to the overall aesthetic of the structure. The entry door is on the left side of the kiosk, making it easy for staff to enter and exit.

outdoor snack concession stand

Interior layout

The interior of the street food booth is just as impressive as the exterior. The walls are decorated with white tiles and many menus that feature mouth-watering images of food. The working counters hold many machines at the backside, making it easy for staff to prepare food quickly. There are also some floor stand refrigerators located under the countertop, which helps to keep food fresh.

The stand also features two big freezers in the front side. In addition, it is easy for staff to store food that needs to be kept frozen. There is also one tall refrigerator located near the freezers that is optional for customers to use.

Bright lamps are installed at the top of the kiosk, which helps to illuminate the interior. There are also windows that come with safety roller shutter doors that can be closed when the kiosk is not in use.


Overall, the outdoor snack concession stand is a well-designed structure that is sure to attract customers. The ability to customize the kiosk makes it perfect for any business owner. We can create a unique and attractive stand that will set their business apart from the competition. With a design fee of just $300, the stand can be created in as little as 2-4 working days. It is a great value for any business owner who wants to start selling food quickly.

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