Durable Small Snack Cart Simple Mobile Food Trailer

There are countless kinds of snacks at the food streets. When it is weekend time, holiday time or night time, the delicious food streets are popular by many peoples, especially young people. And the street business is also very busy. We can find that those retailers use the small snack cart. They are free businessmen. The food trailer business trend is very hot. Have you warmed up to it?

Small snack cart description

The small snack cart structure is arch shape. And its size is 250*200*210cm but can hold 1-2 persons. And the dimension can be customized when design indeed if you need smaller or bigger. The main color of the food cart is black but its two ends frame is red. The red color is the ornament of the small snack cart. The cart has two selling service windows for selling the fast foods. Two big sunshades are very useful. They are also one part of the snack cart. And we can help you install the colorful LED light strip on the sunshade inside part if you like it. The sunshades can help you prevent the strong sunshine and rains. You can feel it is cool in the hot days.

small snack cart

And the food truck front part has one wide arch shape window. Its following has one white power connector. And connector wire is hidden under the chassis. The towing bar is extended from the chassis, because they are a whole. And one guide wheel is connected at the tow bar right side. There is the chain for connecting the car to move the small snack cart.

food trailer

The small snack truck wheels are single axle type in the chassis middle. The wheels are convenient for mobile. The wheel shell leaves suitable space for the wheels rotation. And the shell can avoid the mud to make cart body dirty. In addition, you can adjust the jacks flexibly when you have parked the snack truck. The door at back side is also with ventilation window. And tailing lighting system has one connector too. The tail lights are at the back side bottom as the same as car structure.

mobile food truck

Internal design

Here is one clear vision to show the snack cart inside layout. The corner is put the water sink system with two pools. It has pump, tanks, exchange taps. And other area can design the benches as the working areas. And the floor is non-skid with drain, you can clean it easily. The lamps at ceiling top can offer bright lighting for you to work when it is night. The inside electric device is safe and complete to meet your use needs.


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