Durable Street Cafe Bar Custom Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Design

Cafe bar is a very relaxing place for people to enjoy the time. When people go outside, they always want to have a small booth for them to have a short rest. The street cafe is very popular by people. But you have to make booth attractive with relevant functions which people need. In this way, they like to go to your street cafe.

Street cafe description

This one street cafe structure is shipping container. And it is small square shape but it is enough big to run coffee business. The coffee kiosk has two sales windows. In front of the windows, there are small wooden bar counters as dining table for consumers. Every sales window side has 4 stools. People can drinks coffee and have a rest on your booth in their free time. What’s more, the canopies can offer the shade area for the consumers who sit at the dining area. It is a good way to make consumers stay and help you attract more people to buy your coffee. People like to buy foods from popular food booth. The coffee bar left side is the shipping container door, and you can use durable locks to lock it.

Street cafe

coffee booth

Top decoration

Above the windows, at the top corners, there are the classic and retro lamps decoration. Besides, the logo is on wooden board. The creative iron art structure hangs the sign which is so beautiful. These decorations increase the attractive points to the coffee snack stand. People will notice your booth well and remember your logo name. The sign should be eye-catching and it can be made into many styles.

outdoor cafe kiosk

Interior layout

The interior wall areas have the wooden decorations. To decorate the wall can make you feel a good working environment and makes the cafe nice-looking. We install the lamps in the booth for you. You just need to put coffee machines on the counters and start working. The cashier register is suitable for putting at the front counter. It is convenient for you to receive the money. You don’t need to worry about the storage, the counters have the cabinets and shelves.

outdoor coffee stall


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