Elegant Outdoor Break Kiosk Street Bakery Fast Food Stand

With the development of fast-paced life, people normally have no so much time to do meals by themselves. At this time, they prefer to go to the restaurant or the food booths. Most of them like the retail street foods booths. Why? The reason is that when they go to work or off working, they can buy the fast foods conveniently. Next, I introduce you one outdoor bread kiosk. I believe you will you like it.

Outdoor bread kiosk description

The bread kiosk has wooden and white two color elements. The kiosk bottom different places have the wood strip decoration. At the top wooden middle, the logo is pink and big. And it can show people the direct information to tell them here sells breads. This is the most effective way to attract consumers. There is one LED light strip around the top bottom edges. There are some promotion and product poster at the the kiosk wall. And people can see vivid and effective information easily from your booth.

Outdoor bread kiosk

Interior layout

At the bakery food kiosk eave, there are some spotlights and several modern lamps as decoration and useful lighting. They can bring the lighting atmosphere to the outdoor bread kiosk. And the lighting can help you attract people’s eyes. The outdoor bread kiosk counters are white too. And they leave the space for holding the equipment such as the freezer and cashier register. At the inside wall top, there are some cabinets. And you can put something inside it. The following are the shelves and you can put the kitchenware. And you can use the machines to make the breads. The wall decoration is the white title.

bread kiosk

Tables and chairs

At the bread food stall surrounding, you can put some tables and chairs as the customer area. And you can see he bread kiosk is placed at the outdoor and its surrounding environment is so beautiful. The whole effect looks very comfortable. People like to enjoy your meals and your booth surrounding environment very much.


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