Eye-catching Outdoor Ice Cream Stall Street Smoothies Kiosk

More and more people are interested in the outdoor food kiosks for their retail business. The outdoor places are more than the mall and also can reduce your rent cost. Beside, you can make your own outdoor small shop with less cost. And you can get a fast return when running the retail business. What kind of retail business is popular, simple and easy? Of course it is the ice cream. Please view more information of the outdoor ice cream stall.

Outdoor ice cream stall description

The ice cream stall is so fancy and creative. What in our first eyes is the kiosk whole decorations. The outdoor ice cream stall with the exterior water-proof sticker on every side is very colorful. It has several colors, such as blue, white, yellow, pink. All colors together which is like rainbow. Besides, the sticker has relevant patterns, such as bubble dots. You can also design or choose your own stickers for the booth. The front side is the sales windows, which has different window area layout. If you want the simple sales window, it is feasible to design by us.

outdoor ice cream stall

Besides, two sides of the outdoor ice cream booth come with the seats. No matter people buy or not buy your ice cream, they can have a rest at your booths. The people who is at your booth can attract more people. It is very thoughtful. In this way, you can get more potential consumers to buy the ice creams. The stools are also with the sames colors as the stickers, which is unified the style.

outdoor ice cream stall 1

Further more, the top part design of the ice cream kiosk is eye-catching. It has simple blue logos and creative ice cream models. And the backboard color of 3 sides is different but the same as whole color series. The color combination is used well. Besides, 3 sides of the food kiosk have colorful sunshades for customers areas. It is so considerate too. People can enjoy the ice creams at cool environment. The sunshade also can keep out of the rains for the booth and people.

outdoor ice cream stall 2


The dimension of the ice cream kiosk is 3*2m. The width within 2.2m can be made into whole one set. And it is suitable to put into the shipping containers directly. If the width is over 2.2m, the kiosk will be made to be assemble with several parts. What dimension you need is okay to customize.


The structure material is metal and plywood. Surface material is aluminum composite panel. The stickers, logos, lights are accessories of the food kiosk. What we use is high quality and durable materials for the outdoor stalls. The outdoor kiosks are different from the those for malls, which requires weather-proof.

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