Eye-catching Red Mobile Kitchen Truck Street Mobile Cart

The mobile kitchen truck is very hot selling at this stage. The street snacks business development is a big profitable trend. In this way, many people like to have the free and relax retail business for themselves. The mobile kitchen truck is the most suitable tool for them. The price is affordable and it is so practical in life. Are you looking for one? Today, I will introduce one for you.

Mobile kitchen truck description

You can sell many kinds of the foods and snacks at the kitchen truck and take the truck to every places. It is very convenient to make a retail food business. Look at this one mobile kitchen truck, its surface color is red. The red is very eye-catching when it is on road or at any place. People can notice your food trailer in the first glance when they pass or in a far distance. It can attract them to close your booth and see what you sell. You can have many potential customers. From this view, we can see there are two sales windows. People can buy the food from each window. Then they won’t need to wait for the food for too long time.

mobile kitchen truck

Besides, its chassis frame made by galvanized steel pipe,and it is very stable. The mobile kitchen truck is with the double axle wheels in the truck middle. You can choose single or double axle.They can be with 5 leaves spring with high speed bearing.The mechanical brake, hydraulic brake meet the safety standards.The tow bar is with the guide wheel at front side. You can also put heavy stuff on the tow bar when you park it. The tow bar can bear big load capacity too.

mobile kitchen truck back side

Normally, the big door is at the mobile kitchen truck rear, because it is convenient for you to come and out of the truck. If you want a different design, the door can be at other sides.What’s more, the tail lights can be on the doors two sides. Then other people can notice your truck or turning direction.The surface of the food trailer is pure red, if you want to show some pictures or information, it is okay.

Mobile kitchen layout

The interior of the food truck has a good layout arrangement. Two sides are the stainless steel counters or some floor machines.About the kitchen machine, we can offer to you.Besides, the truck also includes 2 sinks (3+1 hand sinks also work),cash drawer, 4 plugs, free lamp, 4 jacks, ground floor, electric cabinet etc..All will be in a good layout then you can work comfortably.

mobile kitchen truck layout

More information

Size: 500*210*215cm

Voltage: 110v or 220v

Safe speed:40KM/H

Material: Galvanized sheet, Stainless steel

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