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With the fast pace of life, people always seem very busy in one day. Therefore, most people especially the young people don’t like to cook the food for themselves. The outdoor restaurants or food booths are very popular by these people. But there are also some retailers don’t have cost to open the restaurants, so the mobile meal trailer is most suitable for them. I will share you one beautiful food trailer today.

fast food trailer

Mobile meal trailer description

This is one big meal trailer and it can hold 3-4 persons inside to make the foods. No matter how big or how small you want, we can customize the size based on your needs. Look at the meal trailer, its color is pink and its edge is purple, which looks so lovely and beautiful. When you move it to the street, the big size and bright color can attract people well.

mobile meal trailer

About the front side, a small window is for ventilation and it has a sunshade. The most important for the front design is the tow bar. The tow bar is the connection tool for the cart body and car when you move it. It must be very durable with relevant brake system. Besides, how could you can know it is durable? One detail shows you. You can see one flat board is one part of the tow bar and it can hold very heavy equipment or something well. Besides, 4 sign lamps are at the edges 4 corners.

At the mobile meal trailer top, it has a big and creative logo. People can know you sell the foods from far away when they see the sign. Besides, the shop name is very necessary for the business even it is not a big brand. But people can know your shop well. The following sales window also is very big with sunshade. The big sunshade plays the role on preventing the sunshine and rains. And the food truck also has wheels with two axles at the cart body bottom. They can offer a big supporting power and they can’t be broken easily even you move the trailer to far places.

Mobile food trailer 2

We look at the meal truck back part, the edges also have the sign lamps and it has the big door at the middle. The door has the handle and lock. Besides, the tail lights and the warning signs are near the door. The tail lights can be according to your country standard use. We can also see that the straight jacking at the chassis bottom. The jacks also have diamond shape. They can also offer supporting help.

mobile meal trailer 2Size

The dimension can be customized according to your needs. The length can be more bigger if you like.

food truck

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