Fancy street corn stall outdoor corn concession stand used on playground

Corn is a very popular snack. If you are still thinking about what business to do, you can open a street corn stall. Outdoor food kiosks do not require expensive rent like shopping malls, you just need to buy an outdoor kiosk and some equipment then can work.

street corn trailer

This is a nice street corn stall design share with you. See this outdoor corn booth, its surface all used green color.It comes with flap door at 3 sides, when day time you just open these doors, then they can used as sales window. When night you can close them, it is very safe. They also used as canopies, can shelter guests from wind and rain. There has a big corn cup modeling putted on the top of the outdoor corn kiosk. Both front and back side have big logos, people can see the logos from very far place. It comes with flap bar table on left, front and right side. Customers can sit there have food&drinks after ordered. The inside wall used white tiles, 3 menus hang on the back side wall. This outdoor corn kiosk looks very fantastic and nice.

street corn stall

Detailed info about this street corn stall

outdoor corn booth

Size: 4m by 2.2m

Color: green color and white color

Usage: sell sweet corn, snacks, popcorn

Production time: 30-35 work days after order confirmed

Materials used: all used stainless steel with green and white paint

Countertop: black and white corian stone

Accessories included: acrylic logo letters, light box menus, white led light strip

Package: we will ship it whole assembled, one whole piece


Myfoodkiosk is a direct factory in designing and making customized outdoor food kiosks. Browse our web you will find many different kinds of street food stalls. If you also need a street food booth and want more details, just feel free to contact us.


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