Fantastic ice cream catering trailer mobile food trailer used on street

As a necessities of life, food and beverages have always been in great demand. If you are still thinking about what business to do, you can choose to sell food and beverages. The location of the shopping mall is generally difficult to find, and the rent is very expensive, you can choose to buy a catering trailer to start your business.

ice cream catering trailer

Myfoodkiosk can supply different kinds of food trailers. No matter you are looking for ice cream trailer, coffee trailer, fast food trailer or bubble tea trailer, you all can find many styles on our web.

bubble tea trailer

This is a fantastic ice cream catering trailer share with you. When I saw it the first eye, i fall in love with it. Its surface used nice purple color, the left, right and back side all putted sunset and coconut tree poster for decoration. This Hawaiian style looks very charming and cozy. The ceiling added solar panel, you can get electricity from the solar panel. The front side is a flap window, when it open can used as a sale window. The cash counter putted on left side, the middle are topping pans, right side is an ice cream fridge. The back side is work counter with machines on it. It comes with wheels, you can use truck to move it freely.

Basic info about this ice cream catering trailer

fast food trailer

Size: 3m by 2m

Color: dark purple color and white color

Materials used: steel with purple paint finish, inside used white paint

Accessories included: illuminated logos, sticker pattern, spot lights, stainless steel topping pans, stainless steel sink

Items included: steel trailer, inside work counters, logo, menus all included

Production time: 28-30 work days after order confirmed






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